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ISBN- 13:9780373305810
November 2009
$5.99 US/ $6.99 CAN
288 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Emma of Fulford is considered a fallen woman even though she was raised a lady. She and her two year old son, Henri, are trying to stay clear of Henri’s father, but Judhael is determined to get Emma back.

Sir Richard of Asculf is a Norman knight who also happens to be the most powerful man in Wessex. When his cousin, Martin, dies unexpectedly, Sir Richard becomes a Count. He will be able to return to his home country for the first time in years.

Emma is desperate for protection. Judhael is threatening her friends and wreaking havoc on her life. Judhael does not know he has a son, and Emma would prefer it stay that way. When nothing else works, Emma turns to Sir Richard for employment. His steward turns her away, leaving Emma to offer the one thing Sir Richard needs…her. Sir Richard makes a promise to keep Emma as a mistress, but only in name. One lonely night on their journey to Normandy, Sir Richard, now Richard Comte de Beaumont, forgets the vow he made to himself. A secret is discovered and has Emma rethinking the situation.

This is such a wonderful story. Filled with history, it holds adventure and romance. Emma is a strong female character who is willing to do whatever is necessary to keep her child safe from an abusive man. Sir Richard is certainly noble and generous, yet once he sees that needing someone is not a weakness, he grows into a much deeper character. While these two clash over their Saxon/Norman heritages, it only feeds the fire of desire between them. Ms. Townend has done a terrific job of bringing the eleventh century to life.

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