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Safe Havens

Book 1: Saving Grace
Book 2: Runaway
Book 3: Redeemed

Safe Havens, Book 2
ISBN# 9781940295022
December 2013
James Gang Publishing
225 Pages
Historical Romance (Western)
Rating: 5 Cups

Cassandra Shay refuses to marry the man her grandfather and uncle chose for her. She wants nothing to do with her ruthless grandfather and uncle. There has to be a way of getting away from such evil.

Ty Bishop really dislikes the Shay’s. He and his friend, Jake, plan a visit to see his uncle only to find themselves captured, imprisoned, and left to die. He is surprised when he is befriended by an unlikely ally.

Cassandra is tired of living with men who abuse her. Her grandfather and uncle will do anything to have her marry a man as evil as they are. She has not forgotten the times her grandfather beat her badly with a cane. After she overhears him plot to commit murder, she finds a way to escape. Ty meets Cassandra when she comes to his rescue. He never imagined any of the Shay family had a caring heart. She is nothing like the others. In no time, they feel connected in many ways as they try to find a safe place away from her grandfather. In their effort to escape, Ty wonders if he will be able to save the beauty who stole his heart.

Runaway Kindle has well-developed characters that make this book a top read. They are easy to identify with and become close to. Cassandra carries a lot of heartache that shows well within the story and is easily shared with the reader. Her grandfather and uncle are indeed ruthless and their actions are quite visual. Ty has a special caring quality that shows when he is connected to Cassandra. Ms. James spins a story filled with love, emotion and looking for that special person who can make everything in life a much better place, in this worthwhile read.

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