Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN #978-0-385-53154-2
July 2010
372 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Jonathan Ransom works for Doctors Without Borders, is courageous, and a bit idealistic. The talented surgeon is determined to help those who need it despite the danger.

Emma Ransom, also known as Lara Antonova, is a spy and assassin. She used Jonathan and his position as her cover.

Dr. Jonathan Ransom is nearly killed in a war torn part of the world and is recruited by Frank Connor, head of the shadowy Division. Emma is missing and most likely held by the arms dealer known as Lord Balfour and is being hunted by both the Russians and the Americans. Jonathan is asked to save the woman who betrayed him and prevent a terrorist from getting a weapon of mass destruction.

This is a well written story with a gripping plot and interesting characters. I did feel a bit lost at times, not having read any of the previous stories in this series. The exciting plot did make up for this for the most part. Emma and Jonathan are memorable characters, flawed and realistic on one hand and practically superhuman at others. The author has created an interesting agency in the Division and I will have to check his backlist for the rest of the story.

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