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ISBN #: 9781610403542
August 2012
Torquere Press
233 Pages
Erotic Gay Romance, Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Morgorth is a mage who has separated himself from most, allowing himself only a few close friends that he trusts. He lives on the planet Karishian, though he makes the occasional trip to Earth as well through a vortex. It is on the return from one such trip that his life drastically changes.

Aishe is a Dialen whose tribe was murdered by a sorcerer who has stolen one of the stones of power. He will not rest until he kills the man who murdered his family.

As soon as Morgorth arrives home he is challenged by a knight from one of the neighboring kingdoms. Unlike some mages, Morgorth has made it a point to educate himself in swordplay, and it is easy for him to use both his magic and his sword to defeat the knight. However, as pesky as the knight is, it is not he that he really needs to worry about, as Morgorth discovers on a trip to Happy Valley. Bored out of his skull, Morgorth goes to Happy Valley and uses his magic to pull pranks. While fun at first, the sorcerer who has stolen one of the stones of power arrives and begins raining down destruction on the citizens of Happy Valley. Without a thought, Morgorth battles the knight, but he is not the only one, a Dialen has arrived and it is obvious he is desperate to kill the sorcerer. It is then that Morgorth meets Aishe and learns his sad tale. Aishe insists that he and Morgorth team up since Morgorth let the sorcerer go. While Morgorth is not too keen on this idea, he goes along with it because he understands the Dialen and how their culture works, plus he does not care who kills the sorcerer as long as he can get the stone of power back. And so begins a strange relationship where despite himself Morgorth befriends Aishe, and though he tries to keep the Dialen at arms length, it is not long before feelings of friendship develop into something more on both sides. Will Morgorth allow Aishe into his heart and his life or will they go their separate ways if they survive the sorcerer?

My initial reaction to this book was that I didn’t know if it was going to be able to keep my attention. However, once I finally reached about Chapter Five I was hooked! I could not read this book fast enough, and I loved it! The world building is interesting and colorful. The descriptions of all the different kinds of creatures that exist on Karishian is very cool to read about. Morgorth is a multi-faceted character that the author does an excellent job of keeping the reader in the dark about his true personality. His past is revealed in bits and pieces though you get the idea that it is tragic. While Aishe is a less complex person, it is the simplicity of his view of looking at their world and the events that happen that in my opinion helps Morgorth the most. If you enjoy reading fantasy worlds, and love a slow-build up to the conclusion, as well as, a great m/m love story, then you do not want to miss Ruby: Lost and Found.

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