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The Rakhells of Rochester
Book 1 - Sinjin
Book 2 - Victor
Book 3 - Rory

The Rakehells of Rochester Series Book 3
ISBN: 9780758238177
December 2010
Aphrodisia, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-USA/ $16.95-CAN
256 Pages
Erotic Romance; Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rory Rayborne loves to seduce married women. But one time too many sends him home with a dangerous injury that could be the death of him.

Shannon O’Connor is posing as a servant when Rory is brought there. She tends to him while he lay on his deathbed and hopes he will recover to see another day.

When Rory realizes it is Shannon who has been taking care of him, he goes out of his way to seduce the beautiful innocent. But she must keep her smarts about her, as danger lurks around the corner as someone from her past is trying to find her and her brother. Rory knows something is going on with Shannon, and he is determined to find out what emblazoned the look of fear upon her face. As time ticks away, Shannon finds herself having to choose between running once again or staying by the man she has come to love. She knows that this decision may cost her as it will cost either her love or her life.

What an outstandingly rich and detailed novel Rory is. Not only is the sex so steamy I felt as if I was in a sauna the whole time I was reading, but the suspense surrounding Shannon, her brother, and the man out to kill her made this already fantastic book that much more phenomenal. Ms. Templeton takes a woman who was used to a luxurious life and puts her in a situation where she finds herself catering to those of her own ilk, which in turn has her realizing that she is strong enough to survive just about anything. With Rory being described as this playboy and seeing it with my own eyes, it was a journey to see him transform himself into a gentleman fit to fall for the lovely Shannon. This story was so rich and divine, a true gem of a tale, and it is with a sad heart I realize that the series comes to an end, as I find myself falling for all the wonderful characters within these books.

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