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Dark Times Series

Book 1: The Dom for His Alpha
Book 2: Rivwer's Pet, Angel

Dark Times, Book 2
ISBN: 1-61926-431-5
March 2012
Siren Publishing
96 Pages
Erotic Alternative Fantasy, paranormal, BDSM Romance, M/M, exhibition
Rating: 3 Cups

Being an enforcer is what River does, not what he is, and he is tired of people confusing the two. He wants nothing more than to find love and happiness like his alpha, and finally have someone to come home to.

For over two centuries Angel has believed his brother Damon was dead. He is ecstatic to find out he was wrong, but the very real danger to Damon has just begun.

When River signed on to represent his pack with his beta, he had no clue his life was about to change so drastically. Within hours of arriving at their hotel, River and his pack’s beta are overwhelmed with the discovery of their mates. River and Angel come together in a whirlwind of passion, but hot on its heels is the threat to Damon. Nothing has ever felt as perfect as his mating, and River will gladly destroy anyone who threatens that.

Calm, quiet, and collected has no place in a story this scorching. River and his Angel are a raging inferno of large lusty maleness, and every touch is hotter than the last. This story is all about pleasure, and if you love the heat, you have found it here. This is a sizzling fun way to liven up any dull day.

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