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ISBN#: 1-60601-741-1
March 2010
Siren Publishing
297 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 cups

As one of The Few, Raven Rayne is lucky with her guardian. He is like a brother and will stand by her through anything. This is good because on her twenty-first birthday she faints awakening with the memories of a former life and the deal she made with a demon to get back her lost love, a vampire by the name of Nicolai.

Nicolas has always dreamed of his night angel and since his turning, he has been obsessed with The Few. Now he has one of them telling him that he is her long lost lover from a life three hundred years ago.

Raven has to convince Nicolas they have a history together. His attraction to her and the change of his night angel dreams seem to confirm this. Then he tastes her blood and all his memories return. Now the only problem is the deal she made with a King Demon, one that will end her life and strip all The Few of their powers.

Ripples Through Time is set in two very different times. At first, I found this slightly confusing but as the story progressed, it became clear what was happening. The relationship between Raven and Nicolas is explosive in both times and neither of them seem to change much despite the vast differences in their lives between then and now. I enjoyed the story even though at times felt like it was being dragged out and I am disappointed by the anticlimactic ending.

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