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SEALs Going Hot Series
Book 1: Ride the Mustang

SEALs Going Hot, Book 1
ISBN: 9781628304169
May 16, 2014
The Wild Rose Press
118 Pages
BDSM, Military
Rating: 4 Cups

Complete focus and concentration while on the job, is a matter of life or death for SEAL Fletcher “Mustang” Call. He needs to remember that, or it could get him and his teammates killed.

April Coe knows the score going in with Mustang. That does not mean her heart is at all willing to listen.

After losing one love in his life, Fletch steadfastly refuses to ever allow it to happen again, although April’s delicate touch is making it hard to resist. This means the time to get out is now. When April gets Fletch to open up about his sexual preferences she foolishly hopes it will lead to a closer bond. Unfortunately, this is only one small roadblock in comparison to the wall she now faces.

Finding that one person you love beyond all others and then losing them, puts Fletch in the mindset that he needs to shut himself off from anything resembling commitment. Fortunately, April is as sensitive as she is strong, and lays it all on the line with Fletch. I really like that she is honest about her feelings as well as her desires, even when she knows how much it is going to hurt.

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