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The Inside Out Trilogy
Book 1: If I Were You
Book 2: Being Me
Book 3: Revealing Us

Inside Out Trilogy Book 3
ISBN# (10)1476727228/(13)9781476727226
10 September 2013
Pocket Books Publishing
302 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Sara must screw up the courage and follow the man she loves to a new place to make a new life for them. But the extremely sexy woman from his past keeps turning up and telling Sara she will not be enough for him, which brings up her insecurities. However, she will do anything to ensure she is there for him.

Chris is ready to share his secret with Sara. He is just waiting for the perfect time and place to do it. Unfortunately, when he returns to Paris, everyone is vying for his time while Sara?s life is in danger. Every time things seem to go well, something else pops up and causes distress.

The third installment of the Inside Out Trilogy follows Chris and Sara into Paris, where they focus more on the emotional aspects of their relationship. Sara realizes she needs to be strong for Chris. He has some things he needs to tell her about his dark past. When she is followed by a strange man and finds out her friend, Ella, is missing, things become suspenseful amidst building a stable relationship with Chris.

This story does have adventure and suspense, but really focuses on the emotional aspects of the characters? relationship. I do enjoy the struggle both Sara and Chris have with their feelings and the focus on trust being an important factor. Another key ingredient that I like is their relationship not being perfect. It is messy, bumpy and they have to communicate and compromise to make it work. The ?secret? is finally revealed. While it is an interesting peek into who Chris is, after all the buildup, it seems quick and glossed over. The story is good with an overall satisfactory cliff-hanger ending.

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