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ISBN#: 9780758212733
April 27, 2010
Kensington Publishing Corp.
270 Pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

When she is a teenager, Lin Townsend finds herself pregnant, homeless, and alone with only the unborn baby as her companion. Determined to find a safe home without the tyrannical abuse she dealt with, Lin sets out to survive by any means necessary.

Nick Pemberton Jr. is a spoiled rich kid who uses his wealth and good looks to get all the women he wants. Even though he is in a relationship with one girl, he sleeps with Chelsea which results in her getting pregnant and forces him to marry her.

As her son Will is getting settled at NYU, Lin spots Nick after all these years and the anger and torment she felt at his rejection comes rushing back. The spoiled rich boy has turned into a spoiled rich man who throws money around like it is nothing but cannot even claim his own son. Plotting her revenge, Lin begins to set Nick’s downfall. While Nick’s financial world begins to fall around him, he gets some unexpected news which turns his life upside down.

Fern Michaels definitely knows how to plot revenge. Return to Sender is the story of a woman scorned to the tenth degree. I kept expecting Lin to comprehend certain things about why Nick did not respond to her letters. When the truth is revealed, it made me sad to see Lin realize how far her anger and revenge affected not only Nick but her own life as well. While I could never fully understand why someone would go to the lengths that Lin does, I was still able to enjoy this story.

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