Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN# 9781939173133
March 2013
Crescent Moon Press
280 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Harry Houdini’s soul now resides in the body of Erich Welch. On a mission to save his wife, Erich must earn her trust and get her to call off the anniversary séance. He is certain she will recognize his soul, but is sadly mistaken upon their first meeting.

Beth Houdini has grieved for her husband for nearly a year. Harry has promised her that not even death can chain him, and he would speak with her again. She is desperate to talk to him. From the day he dies, her life has fallen apart, and she is unable to do some of the simplest things. When she meets Erich, there is an instant attraction that causes her to feel as though she is betraying Harry’s memory, but having him around soothes her soul and makes her smile. In many ways, he reminds her of her husband, even if he is more humble and empathetic than Harry. It takes all of her willpower to fight her growing need of Erich.

After his untimely death, Harry Houdini is offered a second chance to save his wife, Beth, whom he loves and must do anything within his power to help. Her faith in him is so tremendous she believes he will contact her on the anniversary of his death. He must stop the séance she plans to hold or she will forever be a bitter, grief-stricken shell of a woman, and he will cease to exist. If he can get through to her, they can both have a chance at a long life together. Still, her sorrow and anger may prove to be too difficult to overcome. But Harry Houdini has never shied away from a challenge, and he does not intend to start now, his only hope that her future involves him.

This is a wonderful story about true love and sacrifice. It shows that love and hope are strong enough to overcome any obstacle—even death. I find the story heartwarming, sweet and tender. Beth’s character shows how strongly grief can affect a person and act like a slow poison, inhibiting happiness and joy from being experienced long after the initial heartbreaking loss. And the underlying message of hope and second chances add depth and enjoyment to the storyline. There are many lessons to be learned within the pages of this clever tale that will stay with the reader after the last page is turned.

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