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ISBN: 9781603136327/ 9781603136518
October 2009
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
160 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Donovan Steel is working undercover at his cousin’s BDSM club to catch a murderer.

Amanda Powel is a reporter who has gone undercover to sniff out the story of the serial killer.

Donovan notices the blond bombshell right away because she spells trouble from clear across the room. When Amanda sees the intense stranger stalking towards her, the emotional pull and erotic needs gives her contradictory feelings. Will he find her just as attractive when he sees she is not some gorgeous submissive, but a “plain Jane” in disguise? As the FBI gets closer to discovering who is murdering women, the killer strikes someone close to Donovan, making his hunt for the slayer all the more personal.

Rescuing Amanda was a good book. I like how both Donovan and Amanda have past relationships that hurt them, giving them an air of vulnerability toward each other. I also like how feisty she was toward him and his domineering ways. Honey Jans definitely knows how to write some very steamy sex scenes.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of spanking, BDSM, anal play, anal sex, sex toys, and implied voyeurism.

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