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ISBN#: 9781621351290
February 14, 2013
Astraea Press, LLC
191 pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Sasha Douglas is alone in life, after having just lost her brother to a pointless tavern brawl. She ends up falling into an abandoned well and thinking that no one will be able to hear her cries for rescue. Miraculously she is heard by a passerby, her savior is none other than the Duke of Ravensworth. Her rescue is just the catalyst for a new life she could never have imagined for herself.

Garrett Rothchild Cantlebury, the 5th Duke of Ravensworth comes across a girl trapped in an abandoned well, one that has bad memories for him. He brings her to his home to treat her injuries and to convalesce. He feels guilty, and thinks that finding the identity of her brother’s killer is a start to making amends. Little does he know that finding out the truth might lead to shocking revelations for the both of them.

Most of Garrett’s time has been spent on running his estate, never getting help from his dissolute younger brother. Rescuing Sasha changes that. Getting caught in a compromising position by a well-minded busy-body along with his brother’s unwanted attentions toward Sasha has them marrying quickly. In order to find love together they will have to get past old tragedies and the revelations from solving her brother’s murder.

I was expecting a regency romance, but a lot of the actions and personalities of the people tended to be out-of-character for the period. The emotions and decisions of the characters tended to happen quickly and had a tendency to be rather dramatic. While the secondary characters added color and humor to the story their descriptions and actions leaned toward the exaggerated.

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