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The Partnership in Blood Series
Book 1: Alliance in Blood
Book 2: Conflict in Blood
Book 3: Covenant in Blood
Book 4: Reparation in Blood
Book 5: Perilous Partnership
Book 6: Reluctant Partnerships

ISBN#: 978-1-935192-29-9/978-1-935192-31-2
November 2009
Dreamspinner Press
332 Pages
M/M Paranormal
Rating: 5 cups

Alain Magnier and Orlando St. Clair are a wizard and vampire pair, but they are also more; they have an Avoue de Sang, a lover’s and heart bond that is unbreakable except by death.

Thierry Dumont and Sebastien Noyer are another wizard and vampire pair who are also lovers. Though their relationship is newer than Alain and Orlando’s, they are becoming closer as the war rages on.

Raymond Payet and Jean Bellaiche are a third pair. In addition, Jean is also the leader of the vampires. Raymond is a professor and wizard who defected from the dark wizards and returned to help fight them.

Christophe Lombard is the oldest vampire living in Paris, as well as the most powerful. He enters the fray when Orlando is captured by the dark wizards.

When Orlando is kidnapped by the dark wizards, Alain is beside himself with grief and worry. It is all his friends can do to keep him from running himself so ragged that he drops from exhaustion. Fortunately, his friend, Thierry, is not above hitting him with a knock out spell from time to time to make sure that doesn’t happen. As wizards and vampires alike spread out in a search for Orlando, Alain can feel what is happening to him through their bond making it that much more difficult for him to hold it together, though he does his best. It is only when Christophe Lombard, an ancient vampire, joins in the search that they have a real chance. But will they find Orlando in time, or will what has been done to him destroy him before Alain can feed him and heal his wounds?

Reparation in Blood is the final chapter to a truly wonderful series, one that I am almost sorry to see end, though I know Ms. Tachna has many more tales for her readers. The world building in all the books is par excellence, but in this last one, the author truly outdid herself, giving the reader a wonderful look into vampire culture. The suspense, as always, kept me on the edge of my seat and reading long into the night to find out what was going to happen. She also did a fantastic job of tying up all the loose ends, leaving this reader feeling very satisfied. This book cannot be read by itself, you need to read the books in order, but I promise if you do so you will not be able to put them down. All four are on my keeper shelf, and I highly recommend them to one and all!

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