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ISBN: 9781611604917
June 2013
Whiskey Creek Press
E Book
$ 4.99
413 pages
Western Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rena Dumont lost her husband not long after their marriage. Two months later she lost their child. The Atlanta police officer has put everything into her work, but her friends feel a vacation is needed.

Jake Haywood works hard on the ranch with his brother, Silas and sister-in-law, Adele. After being turned down for a loan, he is told he has two months to vacate the ranch. Arriving home to find a strange woman in his bed does not help matters.

Rena hates caves but accompanies her two friends on a cave tour only to doze off and find herself in the 1800’s. The Indian who brought her to Jake's home explains that Gray Eagle says she is from the future and will bring them good luck. They know Gray Eagle always speaks the truth. Rena is a feisty woman, and in no time teaches Adele some things about the future woman. Rena finds herself stopping bad guys as she tries to help protect Adele, Jake, and Silas in keeping their home. As things heat with neighbors wishing to take the ranch, so does the romance between Jake and Rena. Will it be enough to keep her from wanting to return to her present life?

The story is beautifully told with bold visualizations, engaging dialogue, and characters who know how to keep the audience entertained. The secondary characters make the flow of the storyline even more captivating from the first page to the last. This reader was hooked from the first page. Agnes Alexander has composed a stellar of a book, one this reader will treasure forever. If you are looking for a good western with romance, intrigue, and characters who will melt your heart and leave a lasting impression, Rena’s Cowboy packs a punch in leaps and bounds.

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