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The Partnership in Blood Series
Book 1: Alliance in Blood
Book 2: Conflict in Blood
Book 3: Covenant in Blood
Book 4: Reparation in Blood
Book 5: Perilous Partnership
Book 6: Reluctant Partnerships

A Spinoff of the Partnership in Blood Series
ISBN#: 9781613721650
October 2011
Dreamspinner Press
280 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Martin Delacroix is a wizard visiting France to learn more about the relationships and bonds between vampires and wizards that were discovered in the war. He is excited about the possibility that he may have a vampire partner, though reluctant to bond with anyone due to the fact he will be returning to Canada in one year. He does, however, want to learn more and study the bonds around him.

Denis Langlois is a vampire who is still mourning the loss of his lover several decades before. He has no real interest in beginning a new relationship, but he is drawn to Martin.

Adèle Rougier is a detective and wizard who had a less than satisfactory relationship with the vampire who she bonded with during the war and who is now dead. She has no desire to begin another relationship bond with another vampire. In fact, she will do anything to avoid it, no matter how her friends encourage her to move on.

Pascale Auboussu is a young lesbian woman who has been turned against her will by another vampire. She is very attracted and drawn to Adèle who seems to want nothing to do with her beyond the investigation into her turning.

When Adèle discovers a young woman about to jump from a bridge and take her own life, it takes all her energy to talk the woman out of it. She finally manages to and in so doing meets Pascale, a woman who has been turned into a vampire against her will. She begins the investigation into Pascale’s turning, and helps her to learn to cope with being a vampire. While Adèle has never been attracted to women before, there is something different about Pascale, and when she discovers that her magic does not work on her and that Pascale could be her new vampire partner, she rejects the notion with everything in her. Will Pascale be able to change her mind while they search for the one who turned her? Meanwhile, Martin is stunned when just a few days after he arrives, he meets Pascale and learns her story. In so doing, he also meets Denis the chef de la Cour of the town nearest where the crime took place. While Martin is willing to entertain the idea of getting to know Denis better since the attraction is obviously there, Denis is not so sure he is ready. Will this group be able to stop a vampire bent on raising an army by turning unwilling humans into vampires so he can take back the cour that Denis won from him? Or will they all find themselves in a bigger war? Only time will tell if the new relationships and potential partnerships formed will be enough to end the tide of battle.

I enjoyed reading Reluctant Partnerships very much! This is classic Partnership in Blood stuff and I loved it! This book does move a little slower than the first five books in the series but it is no less enjoyable. I thought it was a very interesting twist that Ms. Tachna threw a female partner at Adèle, but it made sense given her last relationship with a vampire. The buildup to the culmination of what happened between these two women kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if it was ever going to happen. When the fireworks finally exploded though, it was well worth it. Martin and Denis coming together was just as much of an enjoyable read. I liked the sort of slow buildup as these two men got to know each other. Denis’ reaction to Martin and the possibility of a vampire/wizard partnership was very realistic given his background. When Ms. Tachna threw in the suspense of a rogue vampire turning people against their will, well she had me at the first page! I would suggest that anyone reading this book, read the first five books before it first so you know what the world is like in these books and what happened before. While you can read it by itself, there will be things you’ll miss without having read the other books. As with all the books in The Partnership in Blood series, I highly recommend this one, it is not to be missed!

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