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Book 1: Hush
Book 2: Afterglow
Book 3: Relentless

Lodestone Book 3
ISBN# 978-1451684322
March 26, 2013
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Isis McGee is determined to prove that her father is not a liar or an idiot, even if she has to kill herself to do it. She has liquidated every asset she owns except her priceless camera. She has until the money runs out to discover exactly where in Egypt’s vast sandy deserts her father misplaced Cleopatra’s Tomb.

The only things Connor Thorne hates more than being stuck behind a desk are deserts and anything to do with Egyptology. When Isis McGee walks into his office like a breath of sexy feminine fresh air, he cannot believe she wants him to help her find a tomb that nobody believes exists. Not even the strange sixth sense Thorne acquired after a brief brush with death is going to help him get out of this one unscathed.

Isis cannot understand why she is so attracted to Thorne when he is by far the most prickly tempered individual she has ever met. As they are thrown into a deadly game spanning multiple continents, she realizes his bite is far worse than his bark. Not only is Thorne a kick in the libido, the guy knows how to kick ass like a trained killer. Lucky for her, Thorne is the one killer who is on her side no matter how ugly it gets.

This is one story with enough tension to make you sweat as if you really had spent hours slogging through Egypt’s sands. Thorne is a hero to die for, and Isis does seem to be up to the task of matching his mojo. Though there is a paranormal aspect to our yummy hero, he seems to be more defined by his physical prowess rather than any extra sensory add ons. I would definitely read this one with the air conditioner cranked.

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