Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9781908192004
April 2011
Xcite Books
72 Pages
M/M Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

As the day of his wedding looms closer Cavendish De Courcy’s desperation increases. His family is relying on him to make a match that will see them out of his grandfather’s debt, but all he can envision is a future without passion.

If his father knew how he spent his time in London Nathaniel Highmore is certain the pastor would tear him limb from limb. However he will do whatever it takes to make sure that both he and his sister are free from their father’s tyranny.

Lady Arabella is a jewel, and just as sweet as she is beautiful, but no matter how hard he tries Cavendish does not feel any sexual attraction for her at all, in fact it seems his desires lean more heavily towards the masculine physique. He would love nothing more than to spend night after night in the arms of Nathaniel, but his duty is to his family, and his fiancée. Nathaniel can see the strain tearing Cavendish apart, and knows what he needs to do to make things right. However neither man is ready for the toll their desires will take on their hearts, and the heart of a young woman who only wants her husband’s love and children.

Unrequited lust is a powerful motivator and a fantastic way to keep you captivated with these two beautiful young studs. Cavendish is so conflicted, but no matter how much he lusts after Nathaniel, it is wonderful to see him keep trying to make things right for Arabella. I also like that Arabella is true to her sweet personality, and is very much deserving of Cavendish’s affections and consideration. This story is full of sexy little twists and turns, ensuring your enjoyment of every bump and jiggle along the way.

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