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Frank Cole Mysteries

Book 1: Exile Trust
Book 2: Murder in Exile
Book 3: Reduced Circumstances
Book 4: Contest of Wills

A Frank Cole Mystery, Book 3
ISBN-13: 978-0-373-26766-8
September 2011
Worldwide Library
251 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Flying under the radar of his creditors, Frank Cole has become a part-time dispatcher for Moonlight Taxi. Not a terribly illustrious job, but he is certainly meeting some interesting people.

Misinformation can be very dangerous, especially if you are a private investigator like Curtis Winslow. He thinks he is tracking down a runaway kid, but nothing is quite what it seems.

The night shift at Moonlight Taxi suits Frank just fine, especially since his steady weight loss has led to needing a lot less sleep, and he has plenty of time to think. He may not be able to change his mess back home, but his fact finding work is about to get a lot more interesting. Curt is hunting for a kid on the run, and with Frank’s help, this crazy puzzle is starting to unravel. Everyone is lying, and it is up to Frank to find a connection that will hopefully lead him to a killer.

Frank is the kind of guy you root for, a little down on his luck, and a little sad around edges. I like that he is not the “know it all” or a super stud. He feels like a normal guy, one you could hang out with, have a beer, and actually be able to hold a real conversation with. I want to see Frank dig himself out of the hole he is stuck in, and will gladly read all of his escapades to see if he makes it.

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