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ISBN: 9781619266858
June 2012
Siren Publishing
294 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Mitch, short for Michelle, is in business with her daddy’s old partner–Ed. Separated from her husband for three years, she is finally getting a divorce. Her friends are encouraging her to be more than friends with Ed, but she fears their age difference may be too much and would hate life without Ed’s friendship.

Ed has wanted Mitch for a long time and is thrilled she is dumping her useless soon to be ex-husband. He does not want to push himself on her, but is working on letting her know how much he cares about her, until a series of incidents requires him to protect the woman he loves.

Police are looking for a serial killer. The trail leads to Mitch and maybe her ex. When Mitch is attacked again, she, Ed and the police think they know who the killer is. But can they prove it?

Red Tide begins slowly, but winds up a page turner. The details about diving and boating are good and not overdone. The age difference between Mitch and Ed starts out important, but ends up being one of the book’s lesser conflicts, with excellent murder and mayhem the primary focus. Their romantic is developed perfectly, which makes the suspense all the better. Ms. Dalton’s dialogues and plot lines are really good. It is not hard to figure out the bad guy, although I enjoy watching his demise wanting to yell, “Got you, scumbag!”, but refrained…barely.

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