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ISBN- 9781934755006
September 2009
Medallion Press, Inc.
Mass Market Paperback
$7.95 US/ $8.95 CAN
456 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

Sofia Desalvo witnessed a murder and her life changed dramatically. U.S. Marshals put her into the Witness Security Program. They changed her name to Elizabeth Stevens, gave her new look, changed her career to an English professor, and placed her in Drake Springs, Florida.

Wilson Drake is one of the Drakes of Drake Springs. He takes great pride in being the sheriff of this small town. One resident in particular has caught his attention, Elizabeth Stevens. Then the body of the town veterinarian, Cathleen Hodges, is discovered in Suwannee Creek and the small town is rocked to its core.

Elizabeth Stevens is one of the last people to see Cathleen Hodges alive. After a dinner with three girlfriends, Cathleen Hodges became a missing person. Elizabeth is scared and turns to her contact with the US Marshals for help. Agent Corey assures Elizabeth that this murder has nothing to do with her, but Elizabeth is not so sure about that. Wil Drake has been watching Elizabeth since she settled down in his town, but she is a mystery to him. Slowly, little things come out and his detective eyes catch them all. Now if he can only put the pieces of this puzzle together. Can he protect her from a murderer intent on seeing her dead? Will Elizabeth be able to protect her heart from the sheriff?

The suspense begins with page one. The more pages I turn, the more suspense there is. I am impressed with Ms. Norman’s writing ability. She is able to keep the reader interested and her characters are so strong and personable. My heart ached for Sofia/Elizabeth. It would be so difficult to trust no one. This is an incredible tale filled with secrets and intrigue. I read each chapter with anticipation, hoping I had discovered the murderer. Of course, I had not, but I had a hard time putting this book aside. I recommend adding this one to your collection. I do not believe you will be disappointed.

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