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ISBN: 9781419938276
February 8, 2012
Ellora’s Cave
127 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

It all went wrong so fast that six months later Alexis Tanner is still reeling from the betrayal. She can only hope the end is near, because these last few months have been torture.

Powerlessness is not something Rene Tanner is at all comfortable with, but since Alexis’ accusation, he has felt nothing else. It is do or die for their marriage and Rene preys he has not waited too long.

The sickening dread of coming home is becoming a familiar feeling for Alex, but this night something is very different. Rene has put her on the spot, laying out the rules in excruciating detail, and that all too recognizable tingle runs straight through Alex. Six months ago he made a mistake, but Rene is done apologizing, and now it is time to get his kitten back. Alexis is terrified of losing the man who knows her soul deep, but she is also coming to realize how damaging her own insecurities are to their relationship.

Fear is an insidious component in any marriage, but for a couple like Rene and Alex it is pure poison. In my opinion Alex has a very hard time owning up to her feelings, and so she takes the easy way out by placing all the blame on Rene. I really like how Rene lays it all on the line, and has the backbone to stand up for what he wants and needs from Alex. This story evokes a myriad of emotions, and I love the highs and lows that Rene and Alex experience along the way.

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