Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781611184709
April 2012
Loose Id, LLC
332 Pages
BDSM Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

The pain of losing Scott is beginning to loosen its grip on Darcy Markovich’s heart, but on a day like this she craves her Dom’s touch. She abhors public speaking, but when she has Scott to help her focus, it is much easier.

Working undercover in a company like Snyder Corp. means Malcolm Legato has to be able to lie really well, but in this instance it is killing him. Victor Snyder is one of Darcy’s largest clients, and Mal knows her proclivities going in, but actually meeting her has completely thrown him for a loop.

Darcy is not expecting nor is she looking for another Dom when Theo (Malcolm) comes on the scene, but with his help she survives her first speaking engagement since Scott’s disappearance. Her feelings for Theo are hitting her hard, but something keeps her from fully submitting to him. Malcolm hates that he has to lie about his identity, and the deeper he falls for Darcy the harder it will hit when he has to reveal who he is and why he needs her help. Darcy is the most amazing woman Malcolm has ever known, and he prays he has not destroyed any chance he has to be with her.

Darcy and Malcolm have desires and needs that many would not understand, but it is so instantaneous and powerful you are blown away by its sheer intensity. She is a masochist and he a sadist, but there is so much more to their relationship than pain and sex. Darcy’s work is very personally demanding, and what Malcolm gives her is a way to focus her energies and set her free at the same time. Darcy’s need for pain may frighten some readers, but the way Malcolm centers her is more skillful and caring than you would at first imagine. Ms. Zurlo has nailed that perfect balance in BDSM, and I enjoyed every moment.

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