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The Fallen

Book 1: Raziel
Book 2: Demon
Book 3: Warrior
Book 4: Rebel

The Fallen, Book 4
ISBN# 9781451655926
26 March 2013
Pocket Books
384 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

There is nothing worse than being a seer with visions so unreliable they cause more havoc than good. Since her childhood in the human world, Martha has been cursed to see things she does not understand, having no hope of controlling. Can we change the last portion to read "things she does not understand and has no hope of controlling. When she is plagued by erotic visions of a fallen angel named Cain, she chooses to keep them to herself. Surely, they are nothing more than the dreams of a repressed woman who has spent a lifetime denying her sensuality.

Cain has had millennia to plan his revenge on the other Fallen. Now that he has returned to Sheol, he has only to choose his weapon. Intrigued by the quiet seer, he decides she will make a most likely subject. Surely, the only reason he cannot seem to get her out of his system is just a byproduct of his instincts telling him she is the perfect way to his revenge.

Martha is nothing like Cain expects her to be. Infuriating, sexy and clever, she refuses to succumb to his charm like any other woman. As the time for action draws near, Cain’s machinations put Martha in danger. Telling himself it is only in service to his plan, he protects her, not realizing how deeply important she has become to his very existence.

In this fascinating take on angelic matters, Ms. Douglas pens an unlikely savior in Martha. It is refreshing to see Cain and Martha fight against their supernatural bonds, their future and each other. Though this is a great series, I truly think Rebel is the best by far of the Fallen books.

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