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ISBN: 978-0980610529
E-Book/Trade Publications
Steam D Publications
Price: $14.99
196 Pages
Regency paranormal romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As a child in rural England, Elizabeth saved a Mr. Darcy from an accident she caused. Years later, they meet shortly before Elizabeth discovers she is really an angel dropped from heaven with Mr. Darcy in her charge. The newly discovered angel, however, has a few problems keeping careful watch while protecting the man she adores.

Mr. Darcy has always remembered the little girl who saved him. Returning to the area from London, he meets a woman he cannot comprehend and who intrigues him in many ways. When he discovers her abilities, he wants her even more.

During their courtship and the realization of just how unique Elizabeth is, the couple must still contend with those who wish to control them. When another “fallen angel” intervenes and acts with greed and malice, everything that Elizabeth cares about is at risk.

Really Angelic is a very different take on Pride and Prejudice that combines regency era romance with angels and demons. The story is entertaining with only a few “but why…” types of questions about what angels are capable of doing. I did at times though have difficulty thinking about which part of the original Pride and Prejudice were similar or different to the plot unfolding in Really Angelic. I enjoyed the characters and the “under the bed” scene is a new favorite. The period dialogue is well written and consistent throughout the book. The sex is very good. Ms Wilson has done a great job in her adaptation and readers should know that Really Angelic is more than fan-fiction but an entertaining book on its own.

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