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ISBN- 9780061706288
June 16, 2009
Avon A, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
337 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Mirabelle Zielinski loves her family even through the chaos. She and Max are celebrating thirty-five years of marriage. Her life is good except for the secret she is keeping from her children, Katya, Ivan and Irina… Mira has breast cancer. Mira and Max are at odds over Mira’s treatment plan.

Ivan Peterson is Mira and Max’s only son. He is a music teacher and a want-to-be songwriter. He feels inadequate in comparison to his oldest sister and her successful life. His track record with women is not good. If he would open his eyes, maybe he would see the person who is standing right in front of him and the love she can offer him.

Katya, Ivan and Irina are gathering to celebrate their parents’ thirty-fifth wedding anniversary with their significant others and family. Katya, the overachiever in the family, is trying to show the world – and her mother - her life is perfect, when, in fact, it is falling down around her. Knowing his youngest sister as only he does, Ivan cannot come to terms with Irina’s marriage and the baby on the way. That makes two of them. Irina is having issues with the whole marriage and baby thing, too. Toss in the secret Mira is carrying and watch the fireworks fly.

Good heavens! This book sounded like a few of my family get-togethers. Drama, chaos, arguments and secrets abound, yet the underlying theme is they all love each other. No one knows what buttons to push like family, and the Zielinski clan is no different. Ms. Riggle allows each character to tell things from their perspective so, for me, it is like a book in the round. You get to see how everyone else perceives the situations, and I found it refreshing. This is the author’s first book and what an incredible gift she has been given. Real Life and Liars will grace my bookshelves for many years to come.

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