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The Sisterhood Series
Book 1 - Weekend Warriors
Book 2 - Payback
Book 3 - Vendetta
Book 4 - The jury
Book 5 - Sweet Revenge
Book 6 - Lethal Justice
Book 7 - Free Fall
Book 8 - Hide and Seek
Book 9 - Hokus Pokus
Book 10 - Fast Track
Book 11 - Collateral Damage
Book 12 - Final Justice
Book 13 - Under the Radar
Book 14 - Razor Sharp
Book 15 - Vanishing Act
Book 16 - Deadly Deals
Book 17 - Game Over
Book 18 - Cross Roads
Book 19 - Deja Vu
Book 20 - Home Free

ISBN- 9781420106848
September 29, 2009
Zebra Books, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Mass Market Paperback
$7.99 US/ $10.99 CAN
348 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Lily Flowers – aka Crystal Clark - is a woman of many names and faces. Her aliases keep her safe and unknown. Crystal is the madam of the Happy Day Camp for Boys and Girls in Pahrump, Nevada. In Nevada, prostitution is legal, but Lily/Crystal took her girls to Washington, D.C. for a little political party.

Cosmo Cricket is a Las Vegas attorney. He works for the Nevada Gaming Commission with his own private practice on the side. Lily Flowers hires him to keep her books, cell phones and personal papers safe. He is the last one to see her alive, and now he has to call in the reinforcements to help investigate her death.

The President wants the fiasco of her senators, congressmen and ambassadors partying with prostitutes to disappear, which means she wants the madame to take the rap. The FBI is investigating the day camp operation in Nevada. Cosmo is a man with many friends who, in turn, have many talents. The love of Cosmo’s life, Elizabeth Fox, is capable of pulling strings to get things done. A newspaper reporter for the Washington Post – which is owned and run by two of Elizabeth’s closest allies - does a bit of digging to find out who is behind the construction of the Happy Day Camp for Boys and Girls. Who wants the Nevada madame known as Crystal Clark to keep quiet... for good? One tiny clue can blow the case wide open.

This is one of those books that has it all. There is mystery and suspense with a touch of romance and a dash of humor. I was captivated from the very beginning. Ms. Michaels lures the reader in by throwing them right into the midst of the trouble that arises. The characters grab onto a clue to solving the mystery, and the reader gets taken along for the ride. This is the fourteenth novel in the Sisterhood series so, as a reader, you are able to meet some of your favorite characters from the previous novels. Razor Sharp can stand alone… to a point. My recommendation is to read the others in the series before tackling this one. There are a few areas where I found myself lost. If you have read the others, this one is definitely a must read.

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