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ISBN#: 978141993789
February 2012
Ellora’s Cave
E Book
74 Pages
Futuristic Shape Shifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Nurse Serena Kent is in an underground hospital for humans escaping the werewolf plague that has taken over the earth. While hoping for a cure, she hates what is being done to Connor, a captured wolf. Her erotic thoughts about her patient are increasing in intensity, and Connor lets her know how much he wants her.

For humans, the world has become dystopian; for werewolves, things are pretty good, except for those trapped by humans, like Connor. Still suffering at the hands of his tormentors when he can finally act on his desire for Nurse Kent, he does so aggressively while keeping his inner-wolf in check.

The evil scientist who runs the torturous experiments on Connor and a conniving sadistic co-worker want to continue their depravity, but the wolves are almost at the door. What will happen to Connor and Serena when the barriers go down?

Raw Heat is perfectly titled, it is hot. I enjoyed how well the characters were developed and how their relationship grew as they learned about each other. The action scenes are great, especially at the end. I thought the dialogue was very complementary to the plot. I absolutely loved the sex scenes. They were amazing, full of tension, just dang good. From the initial sexy sponge bath to things too hot to say on a public site, the sexual romance is excellent. Raw Heat has everything a sci-fi erotic book needs and delivers perfectly.

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