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ISBN# (10)1420104233/(13)978-1420104233
June 30, 2009
Zebra (Kensington Publishing Corp.)
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York, NY 10022
360 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Daenaira has been treated as a slave for eight years by her aunt and uncle. To make sure she obeys, she must wear a shock collar which brings on cruel treatment. She finds it difficult to trust anyone.

Magnus has been told in a vision that Daenaira is to become his handmaiden. He is a bit surprised when he first meets her. Since he has enemies who wish his destruction, Magnus knows he must trust someone.

Daenaira knows she is able to rest in the day because that was when the Shadowdwellers rested. She was glad for that time because her aunt and uncle left her alone. They are always calling her a useless whore, or slut, and using vicious methods on her. When her superb aunt decides to increase the voltage and shock her into unconsciousness, Daenaira awakes to be confronted by the High Priest Magnus. She wonders is he really a priest, to which he affirms yes. She does not wish to be sold but it is too late. Magnus is aware there are enemies who wish him dead. Perhaps Daenaira is his only hope. He finds her a spitfire. Can the powerful defender, and the headstrong handmaiden, find love and happiness after facing past betrayals?

Rapture was a story that tore at my heart many times when it came down to Daenaira, and her situation. I hated the life that she had lived for the last eight years, not to mention the sensation of not being able to trust anyone. Daenaira and Magnus are an interesting couple that have much to learn about the other, while working through issues of trust, and betrayal. Jacquelyn Frank has crafted a compelling page-turner with character, grit and mesmerizing players. She sketches Daenaira’s aunt and uncle as ruthless barbarians that made my blood boil. Daenaira and Magnus are captivating together as they find a way to ease all the hurt in their life in this superb read.

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