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ISBN# 9780373754359
December 2012
Harlequin American Romance
$5.25 U.S./$6.25 Canada
224 pages
Contemporary Series Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Sarah Margarity is a social worker with a conscience. Working in the Department of Children and Family Services has numbed many of her colleagues to the needs of foster children in an overburdened system, but not Sarah. She is completely dedicated to turning the system around for the better. That’s why when little Jimmy Parker gets dropped off at her office on Christmas Eve, she doesn’t have the heart to send him to a group home and takes him home to spend Christmas with her.

Ty Parker is just gearing up for the winter cattle drive on his ranch, Circle P, when he gets word that Sarah wants to see him. Having worked with the Big Brother program before, and having his attempts fail right before his eyes, he wonders what Sarah could possibly want. Finding out he potentially has a child, though, is not what he expected.

Sarah is certain Jimmy is Ty’s son, though Ty is not so sure. While they wait for a paternity test, Ty agrees to bring Jimmy on his cattle drive, though Sarah insists on coming along. Sarah just knows that when Ty spends more time with the little boy, he will be unable to let him go. Though Sarah has already lost her heart to the boy, she is also dangerously close to losing it to Ty as well.

This is a wonderful story of second chances and new beginnings – western-style. Besides the budding relationship between Sarah and Ty, this book takes an important look at the foster care system, and the disregarded children who are a part of it. Leigh Duncan brings the spirit of the west to the journey and creates an enjoyable read with charismatic and likeable characters.

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