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ISBN#: 9781611522099
November 2011
JMS Books
110 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Section 1: The first part of Publish Yourself Create & Sell Your Own E-books is an introduction by JM Snyder and who she is for those who may not know her. Her intention is to give the reader the reasoning behind why you the author should listen to the advice she has in this book. She also explains what e-books are and their different formats.

Section II: This section covers everything you need to get started publishing e-books. Ms. Snyder teaches you about what you need to know about editing, specifically how to get your books edited prior to publication, and how you can do it for no cost. She also covers the importance of cover art and what you need to create your own cover art, including where to find photos, and some information about licensing so you don’t get into trouble with photographers and stock photo websites. ISBN’s, one of the things that scare off a lot of would be self-publishers are discussed as well. Ms. Snyder explains their importance to authors who choose to self-publish and where to get them for low-cost. If you’re puzzled about what to charge, how to write your blurb and what excerpt to choose, then this is the section for you. One of my favorite parts of this section was the explanation of DRM and why you probably shouldn’t use it.

Section III: In my opinion, Section III is one of the most important sections in this book as it covers how to professionally layout your e-book in Word so that it you don’t have to do a ton of tweaking to get it into the other formats. Since this is one of the more difficult parts of self-publishing and is often overlooked by authors who want to self-publish, I found this section to be extremely helpful.

Section IV: This section deals specifically with creating your e-books once you have completed the cover art, layout, and editing of your manuscript. Ms. Snyder tells you the nine formats she sells her books in and how to create them from a word document. She tells you what software you need and where to find it, as well as, how to use it.

Section V: If you’ve ever been confused about where to sell your self-published e-books, then be confused no more! This section tells you exactly where you can sell them, and gives their website addresses. She even goes a bit into what percentage you will be paid as the author for each website.

Publish Yourself Create & Sell Your Own E-books is in my humble opinion the best book available for authors who want to self-publish their books, and make more money on their royalties. It’s no nonsense, simple and easy to understand approach make it very easy to follow how to self-publish a book from beginning to end. I was especially impressed with the sections on how to layout a book, and how to create the different e-book formats. The fact that most of the software to do so is free or low-cost is a tremendous advantage. Some may say that Ms. Snyder is giving away the secrets to self-publishing, but I say she is doing authors everywhere a huge favor by making it possible for them to publish their own books and make more money doing so. I agree that there will always be authors who will publish with traditional and e-book publishers, but the trend I am seeing and I think most authors will agree, is that authors are using a combination of traditional and self-publishing with their books these days. If you’re looking for a way to make more money on your books, but didn’t know how, then you need to pick this book up today!

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