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ISBN: 978-0-9867225-5-4
Nov 2010
Evernight Publishing
71 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Larissa refuses a marriage proposal. Although she likes Paxton, she feels no romantic attachment. Larissa feels a calling, a longing, for another - though she knows him not. She is drawn inexplicably to the dark woods. Unsettled, she follows where her heart leads, even though she has been instructed not to venture into its deep depths.

Unknown to Larissa, Dante prowls nearby. His sacred duty is to guard Larissa; to protect her from the vampires who thirst for her special, ancient blood. Dante agonizes because, against all the rules, he has fallen in love with Larissa. A taboo bond grows that neither he nor Larissa can deny.

Dante finds Larissa near his home. Somehow she has circumvented the protective wards that should prevent human trespass. Their mutual attraction and need overwhelms all reason. But meanwhile, elsewhere, the voices of other guardians are being silenced. Vampires systematically, ruthlessly bent on extermination are drawing ever nearer.

This dark, exciting tale held me spellbound in its tenacious grip. The impending sense of doom is palatable throughout and I literally ached at times for Larissa and Dante as events unfold and they are swept along by fate and circumstance. The secondary characters seem real to me, too. Larissa is fortunate to be blessed with such supportive and loving parents and siblings. Truly, this is an exciting addition to the paranormal romance genre.

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