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ISBN#: 0984249974/978-0984249978
February 2010
Highland Press
294 Pages
Medical Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

Eve Fyfe is a research scientist hoping to help find cures for diseases. She believes that the project she is involved with, Project Mendel, is altruistic but it is not long before she discovers otherwise.

Grant Dalton is a research scientist from Scotland and has been hired to be Eve’s Senior Research Assistant.

Jackson and Sadie Fyfe are Eve’s son and daughter.

Donna Dalton is Grant’s daughter.

When Sadie, Eve’s daughter begins having seizures for which there is no medical explanation, Eve is at a complete loss as to what to do. She is worried sick and is about at her wits end. While she has been proud to work with Project Mendel, she is not impressed with the woman running it, and is surprised when it becomes apparent that her new research assistant, Grant Dalton, prefers her over her boss. When Grant offers his shoulder one evening after a particularly rough bout with Sadie, it is more than Eve can take and she cries all over Grant who does not mind one bit. The attraction between these two is nearly immediate. As they get to know each other and begin having feelings for each other, so too do their teenage son and daughter. When Eve is bit by one of her lab rats and has a bad reaction to the bite, Grant begins to suspect something more is going on with Project Mendel than either he or Eve thought. What he discovers horrifies him because what he finds is that Project Mendel has been experimenting with humans genetically. It becomes apparent rather quickly that he must get himself, Eve, and their children as far away from Project Mendel as possible, otherwise they might not survive. Will he be able to save his new family, or will Project Mendel destroy them all?

To be honest, Project Mendel was a little too dark for me. While I absolutely loved the romantic elements and how the relationships between Grant and Eve, and Jackson and Donna developed and played out, there was a very sad pall that hung over this story. Despite this, the world building and character development are very well written and make this story worth reading. I also loved the ending. Ms. Chapman is a gifted writer whose work is definitely worth a second glance. If you enjoy thrillers with a touch of the macabre and strong romantic elements, then you definitely want to pick up a copy of Project Mendel.

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