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ISBN: 9780263886542
May 2011
Mills and Boon
Print/ ebook
£ 3.30 ($5.39)/ £ 3.30 ($5.39)
185 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Luisa has worked on her family’s co op farm since both her parents’ deaths. Leaving behind the life of a princess was an easy choice for her, choosing love rather than money and political machinations. But that life has come back to collect her in the form of devastatingly handsome and demanding Raul, Prince of Maritz. Will he manage to force her onto the throne she never wanted?

Raul, Prince of Maritz, is forced to collect his bride to ensure his throne. Finding the princess covered in mud and living the life of a common farmer, he wonders how his people will respond to the less than perfect princess. But when he washes away the muck and finds an intelligent, kind seductress who makes his blood burn with need while challenging him at every turn, he finds himself wanting her by her side and in his bed. Will he be able to get past his trust issues and open up to a love that was found by luck?

In a kingdom riddled by intrigue, dissent and assassination threats, these two powerful and stubborn characters butt heads. Will they manage to turn a forced wedding into a marriage of love and respect? Or will their determination towards their own goals tear them apart?

From the muddy countryside where cows meander in fields of green, to the glitz and glamour of palace halls, Ms. West takes us on a journey alongside her fiercely independent heroine. Posing the question of what is more important—money or love—amidst a battle of power and willfulness, this story intrigues from nearly the first page. Although the resolution may be somewhat predictable, for the most part the story is told in a fresh and fun voice that will have readers flipping the pages, excited for more.

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