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ISBN: 978-1-59578-565-7
July 2009
Liquid Silver Books
129 Pages
Contemporary Anthology OW/YM
Rating: 4 Cups

A Spark of Snow

It keeps getting harder to bounce back for Officer Rachel Foley, and a vacation is definitely in order. No matter how many kids she tries to save in the Juvenile Division of the LAPD, there are many more who fall through the cracks.

A career as a professional football player came to an abrupt end with a college knee injury for Tod Marrero, but teaching and coaching are every bit as satisfying.

Rachel is not so much running away from her job as she is hoping to heal, and maybe come to a decision about the rest of her life. She never imagined nor planned on meeting a man, especially one nearly young enough to be her son, but sometimes fate has its own plan. Tod may be young, but that has never stopped him from going after what he wants, and what he wants is a chance.

Tod’s character is a man far beyond what his actual years may suggest, and it is not difficult imagining him and Rachel as a loving and vibrant couple. He is steadfast and strong, and every bit the man Rachel needs to heal her wounded soul.

Moving On

Ten months may not seem like a long time, but the actual disintegration of Camilla’s marriage came long before that. The tragic death of her husband just finalized everything.

The rough and rocky road that Ryan put himself through is almost a thing of the past. He has grown up a lot in the last few years, and it is with great relief that he can see a bright future ahead.

Moving is bittersweet for Camilla, but she cannot bear the thought of staying in her home any longer. She may not have had a great marriage, but they were comfortable together, and their house holds too many memories. The years since she has been with any man, including her husband, become breathtakingly obvious when she gets a good look at the young man moving her furniture. What Ryan lacks in years, he more than makes up for in determination and skill, two qualities Camilla is becoming increasingly grateful for.

Camilla needs a little shaking up in her life of order and rules, and if it is a sexy, passionate, younger man who does the shaking, I say, good for her!

No Strings Attached

Growing up under the strictest of religious households put the fear of God in Corey Jamison. She spent years trying to be what her father, then her husband, wanted her to be, but her subsequent freedom from that oppression has become unbearably lonely.

Being thought of as the bad seed is never good for anyone’s psyche, even for one as privileged and wealthy as Donovan Halloran. His mother’s disdain and his ex-fiancée’s betrayal were enough to make him swear off relationships, but his sex drive is another matter all together.

Corey just wants hot raunchy sex, not a boyfriend, or another husband, but finding that is proving to be horribly complicated. Her best friend suggests meeting someone online, and with no other options, she tries it. Terrified, she puts herself out there - needs, wants, and desires, hoping against hope that she does not encounter Jack the Ripper, but what she finds may be even more damaging. Donovan is taken with Corey immediately, but their NSA affair is becoming harder and harder to maintain without wanting more.

A woman who knows what she wants but is afraid to ask, and a man who takes what he wants with no questions asked make for one sizzling hot couple. Corey and Donovan are the perfect match if they can get past their emotional boundaries long enough to see it.

These awesome couples blow away the stereotypes of older women and younger men. The women are not out hunting down some young stud to play boy toy, but are independent, intelligent, and successful ladies who need and deserve more than just the B.O.B. in the nightstand. The fact that the men in their lives just happen to be younger is really of no consequence. We are definitely talking adults here, all consensual and no cheating spouses.

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