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Cajun Heat series

Book 1: Primal Song
Book 2: Primal Design

Cajun Heat, Book 1
ISBN# 9781419941085
August 2012
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
107 Pages
Shape-Shifter Twilight Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Daisy Picou, a bear-shifter and the deputy of a small town, feels that she has reached an age when she should settle down and have cubs, but so far no one seems to interest her enough to mate.

A lion-shifter, lead singer and writer for the rock band Saber, Ram Reinhardt comes to perform in Daisy’s town. One glance at her and it unconsciously initiates a mating frenzy trumping all reason or thought.

While Ram goes with the flow, he finds Daisy’s combative personality an adrenaline-inducing premium rush that he is not ready to give up easily. Burnt by a lion in the past, Daisy is unwilling to be the fool twice, though she is not sure she minds the sex, which is more combustible each time they fight. Soon it is a battle of wills–one wants to mate, the other wants to avoid it at all costs. Who will win?

Daisy wants a relationship similar to her parents. Believing she cannot have it with Ram, she fights him until the very end, even when instinctively she thinks of him as hers. Stubborn and hardheaded, she follows her head and emotions based on past experiences more than instincts, making readers want to hit her for her bullheadedness. Ram, on the other hand, is also stubborn, but very perceptive, and leaves no stone unturned to claim his mate, which both he and his lion desire. I love how he goes about trying to win her heart and trust–it has totally won my heart! Still, some elements in the book are a little hard to believe or over the top, funny yet unrealistic. Overall, it is a very enjoyable read.

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