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Katzman Series
Book 1: The Katzman’s Mate
Book 2: Dream Mate
Book 3: Pride Mate

Katzman 3
ISBN#: 1610341740
December 2010
Siren Publishing, Inc.
140 Pages
GLBT; Futuristic; Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shaikh Bogden Dhal Wuher Al’Abdalha better known to his family as Bogden has finally found his mate. Now he just has to find a way to get him back.

Anjali lives a life of solitude, servitude, and pain. When his father sells him to an unknown person, Anjali is afraid for himself as well as the secret he has.

When Anjali finds out that Bogden has purchased him, he is afraid that the man he has come to love sees him only as the pleasure slave he was supposed to be. Before Bogden can explain the circumstances that had him purchasing Anjali, a battle arises within their camp leaving Bogden sick. While taking care of his new master, Anjali comes to realize that what he feels for his beautiful warrior overcomes any feelings of hurt that the pleasure slave feels at being purchased by the one he loves. Can Bogden and Anjali figure out where they belong in each other’s lives before tragedy strikes again?

Pride Mate is a unique tale full of intrigue, dashing heroes, danger, and surprising heroes. Ms. Glenn uses sensuality, eroticism, and a healthy plot to tell her story. I must say that I was slightly lost at times due to the fact that I have not read the previous tale which links Anjali and Bogden together. I found the futuristic world was brought to life between the pages and I thought the way the author explained in detail many different facets of Bogden’s world really helped me to understand the distinctive land. I am interested in seeing what will happen next between the many other characters brought to life within this story.

Caution: While there are no detailed scenes, rape is implied within this novel.

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