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ISBN#: 9781573446631
July 2011
Cleis Press, Inc.
224 Pages
Erotica, Historical Romantic Fiction
Rating: 2 Cups

Elizabeth has always considered herself to be prim and proper until she stumbles upon a man who makes her tingle in all the right places. Suddenly, her world is open to many desires including the oh-so-succulent Mr. Darcy.

There is something about Elizabeth that has Mr. Darcy in a constant state of arousal. He wants nothing more than to dip into the pretty woman but rumors have abounded that has the beauty pulling away from him.

Both Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy will experience untold passion from one place or another. As the gentle lady explores herself with her own soft touch and props, Mr. Darcy has fantastic seductive dreams of the oh-so-proper woman using her hot, wet mouth on him. Neither knows what their future will be and there are those who would stand in their way. Will friends and enemies alike thwart them or will Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy get the grand passion they both crave?

Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts was an okay story. There were so many different elements of erotica including self-pleasuring, male on male, female on female, female domination, using props for self-gratification, and voyeurism that, at times, the storyline fell to the wayside as the sex dominated this tale and left me feeling as if I were reading a novel that was all about sex and nothing about romance or love. There are even moments that come extremely close to rape, that left me ready to put the book down in disgust. The only saving grace which gave this book a two rating versus a one is the fact that the ending gave me closure and allowed me to see the outcome of the many different characters that played a part in this novel.

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