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ISBN: 9780345506917/ 9780345526298/ 9780307577658/ 9780307577665
September 2011
Ballantine Books, an imprint of Random House Inc.
Hardcover/ eBook/ Audio CD/ Audio Download
$26.00/ $12.99/ $40.00/ $20.00
256 Pages/ 320 Pages
Romantic Suspense; Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Angie Powell is about to lose her business thanks to sexy as sin Dare Callahan. She was ONLY hunting business in town until HE came along and STOLE all of her clients.

Dare knows that Angie is furious with him but he cannot understand why. It was not like he set out to ruin her business. Even though she has always been nasty towards him, he still wants nothing more than to get a hold of that world class…well anyway.

Even though she knows she is losing her business, Angie goes out on one last hunting trip with a repeat client and someone he has brought along. What she does not know is that the client, Chad Krugman, is not planning on allowing Angie or the man he is bringing along to leave the woods alive. But plans go awry when after witnessing him murdering the other man in cold blood, Angie runs only to be rescued by none other than Dare himself. Now Angie and Dare must keep their wits about them as they try to stay safe from Chad, the elements, and a man-eating bear that has scented them all and like a true predator is on the hunt.

Prey is an apt name for this novel as Linda Howard gives us Angie, Chad, and the bear; each character a prey and a predator in their own rights. I love how the action and danger is embroiled with the elements as well as the other characters. With her true writing flair, the humor dispersed throughout the pages adds to the plot and enhances it as only Linda Howard can. Each step in the novel takes us one step closer to a finale that will leave the reader completely satisfied. Fans of Mr. Perfect and Open Season will become fans of this novel as well.

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