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Cougar Falls series

Book 1: Rachel's Totem
Book 2: In Plain Sight
Book 3: Foxy Lady
Book 4: Outfoxed
Book 5: A Matter of Pride
Book 6: Right Wolf, Right Time
Book 7: By the Tail
Book 8: Prey and Prejudice

Book 8 of the Cougar Falls series
ISBN# 9781619220133
December 31 2013
Samhain Publishing
177 pages
Paranormal, Red Hots, Shapeshifter
Rating: 5 Cups

Zoe has spent nearly two decades traveling the world learning how other tribes, packs, and prides work; both the good and the bad. Now she is home and ready to take over the ruling of her pride from her brother, or so she thought. The biggest problem is that her brother is not the pride leader. No, he has tricked the biggest, most arrogantly annoying male in the pack to take over for him.

All Miles wants is to find the right person to take over running the pride so he can get back to business. The fact that the pride's greatest trouble maker and her mother is back and she wants the pride does not fill him with excitement. And Zoe certainly does not do anything of the sort. He is in control, not her or his cat.

Proving her dedication to Miles and the pride is just a matter of time. Keeping them and their home safe is another thing all together. The pride is considered weak after the problems a previous leader caused, and now the Raptors want to take Miami.

This is my first of Ms. Harte's books and I quickly found myself falling into the story, as I would had I read the earlier books. Ms. Harte makes it clear there is a back story and leaves enough clues to make you go hunting for them, while keeping you hooked in the present story with a skill that makes you feel you have not missed anything vital. Her writing genius does not stop with engrossing story lines, the vibrancy of the world and the vitality of the characters adds a special sparkle to the pride of Miami Panthers.

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