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ISBN: 978-0-06-084113-3
March 2009
Harper Teen, an Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
213 Pages
Teen lit
Rating: 5 Cups

Sunny southern California, where a beautiful beach body is practically a mandate, is absolute torture for Hayley. She buries her pain in food and self-deprecating humor, which only exacerbates her weight problem.

A true friend is a precious gift, and Jackie has been her best friend forever. Smart as a whip, funny, and willow-thin, Jackie is everything Hayley wants to be, but jealousy aside, they love each other like sisters.

Hayley wants more than anything to have Drew Wyler as her boyfriend, but when he asks her about Jackie, her heart plummets like a rock. Always the funny girl with the pretty face, but never the girlfriend, has taken its toll in pounds of cookies, candy and pizza that wrap themselves like a comforter around her heart. Enough is enough and Hayley jumps at the opportunity to leave it all behind to spend the summer in Italy with a friend of her mother’s. This is her chance to find the Hayley she knows is hiding beneath the layer of fat, and maybe if she is lucky she can find a summer romance as well.

This is a story that cuts right to the heart if you can relate to Hayley in any way. Her weight problem is something that I have a hard time not climbing on my soapbox about. I am a huge believer in exercise, and parent’s complicity in their children’s weight problems, and Hayley is a prime example. It is an interesting case in point that when she gets away from her overbearing mother, she feels free enough to conquer her weight issues. I whole-heartedly recommend this to any teen, boy or girl, who struggles with their weight like Hayley, because once you can feel for yourself, you can set yourself free.

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