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ISBN #: 1601548893
April 2011
The Wild Rose Press
Paperback/ eBook
$12.99/ $6.00
262 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Dr. Jillian Burton moves from country to country determined to save as many lives as she can. Though she tries to convince herself that with enough atonement the guilt will go away, Jillian knows all she is doing is running from her past.

Fyodor Vassilov is the director of the Minsk Solidarity Hospital. He takes one look at Jillian and knows that staying professional around her is going to be hard.

As Jillian gets to know the man behind the doctor’s mask, she realizes Fyodor is not the playboy she originally thought he was. He is a family man, a caring doctor, and any woman would be lucky to call him her own. But Jillian knows she is not the one for him and tries to convince herself that she will be leaving for another country soon and her detachment is the best. Fyodor is just as determined to prove to Jillian that she is needed right here in this hospital and in his arms more than she is needed anywhere else.

Prescription in Russian is a good book. It has a solid storyline with emotional entanglements, some adventure and romance. I like how Babushka is. I could practically hear her lecturing Jillian on leaving things alone if she was not going to stick around. Seeing Jillian grow from an insecure woman when it came to children and parts of her past, to the woman she is by the end of the novel is a great thing to watch. If you are a fan of contemporary romance that has enough realism to keep you reading, then you will definitely enjoy this tale by Mona Risk.

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