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ISBN #: 978-0-981-8550-7-3
June 2009
Highland Press
P.O. Box 2992, High Springs, FL 32655
Trade Paperback
199 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gwenhwyfar is not the modest maiden favored by society. She is fiesty, opinionated, and wants more out of life than the average woman of her time.

Arthur is destined to be a great king. He is handsome, strong willed and determined, and very suited to his destiny.

Everyone knows the story of King Arthur and his Round Table. This story tells the reader about the early life of Arthur, Gwenhwyfar, and the others, setting the scene for the well known tale.

This is a very enjoyable tale. I always loved the stories of Camelot, but the author has really brought the characters and all of their strengths and weaknesses to life here. Arthur, Gwen, and the others have become real people that the reader can understand. The plots moves quickly and I was quickly absorbed in the story. Fans of Camelot will love this tale as will any reader of historical romance.

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