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ISBN #: 9781893798571
July 2009
Newmedia Publishing
388 Pages
Erotic Horror
Rating: 3 Cups

Emma is an eighteen year old college freshman. She has led a rather sheltered and safe life up until now. Things have taken a rather abrupt change.

Zoltan is a fellow in genetics, very intelligent and handsome. He and Emma share many interests, including finding a cure for vampirism and other diseases.

Changed into a vampire against her will, Emma nevertheless at first embraces her new lifestyle and shares it with her three best friends. She soon questions the morality of her bloodthirsty lifestyle and wishes for her former largely uncomplicated life with the prospect of love and marriage in her future. These feelings are brought on by her introduction to the handsome and intelligent Zoltan, who is the key to ending her damned existence and returning to normalcy.

This story is interesting and absorbing. I was put off a bit by it, being written in the first person which often limits the scope of the tale, but the author’s style emphasizes the main characters preoccupation with herself a great deal of the time. You will quickly be engrossed by the tale which will particularly appeal to Young Adult readers. Zoltan and Emma and their friends are well developed characters whose motivations are easily understood. The author’s ability to describe characters and situations really enhance the tale.

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