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Bone Daddy Series

Book 1: Possess Me
Book 2: Tempt Me

ISBN#: 9780425235287
August 2010
Trade Paperback
292 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Release Me

No one could ever accuse Allegra Jerrod of not living her life to the fullest, but her reckless nature finally caught up with her. The accident that almost killed has left her scarred and in chronic pain, but it is the blow to her confidence that is truly debilitating.

Seven years is a long time to share his body with a Loa spirit, and Celestin Rousseau is more than fed up with its existence. There is only one woman he wants to pleasure now, but with Bone Daddy riding him, he cannot take the chance of breaking her heart.

Every day Allegra passes by Café Bwe in hopes of seeing Rousseau, but being near him and not touching him is becoming increasingly difficult. Rousseau aches to be with Allegra, and no one else, but to do so would mean calling forth Bone Daddy, and it never ends well with him in the mix. When Allegra learns of Rousseau’s conflict, her soul cries out for him, but how can a damaged woman like her ever have the strength to compete with a sexual spirit?

The powers of attraction between Allegra and Rousseau kick start this novel with a bang. New Orleans is the perfect backdrop for this first set of steaming hot couples whose sensuality and allure are heady enough to raise anyone’s blood pressure.

Reclaim Me

Returning to the Big Easy was not an easy decision for Michelle Toussaint, but one that was inevitable. Her gift, or curse according to some, will not be ignored any longer, but the one thing she must avoid at all cost is being anywhere near Ben Adair.

They practically grew up together, but when Michelle left for New York City, Ben thought he had lost her forever. Their combined abilities were something she was not ready to face, and that meant shutting him out of her life completely, but no more.

Ben has no intention of letting Michelle slip out of his hands again, and he is ready to put everything on the line to show her how much he wants her, but will it be enough? When Michelle ran, she thought is was for good, but coming home brought everything back, including her attraction to Ben. Ben wants her mind, body, and soul, but Michelle is terrified that giving herself over to him will open the gates to a world she is not at all sure she is ready to confront.

Ben and Michelle share a connection that transcends the mortal realm, and they have no problem carrying the reader right along with them. Their attraction is a blistering wave of heat that whips around you like a firestorm, and leaves you burning for more.

Possess Me

The time has finally come for Bone Daddy to step out of the spirit world and into the human one. For one day only he will be a man of his own, with all of the pain, joy, and sensation that entails.

Leaving her apartment in New York is a huge stress inducer for Bethany Sorelle. She has come for her friend’s wedding, but she is not nearly ready for what awaits her in New Orleans.

The pain of awakening fades the instant Bone Daddy looks into the most gorgeous blue eyes he has ever seen. Beth is in shock at the near orgasmic reaction she has to Bone Daddy, his voice, his eyes, and his body, call to something buried deep inside her that she never knew existed. BD is similarly stuck speechless by the almost unnatural feeling that Beth and he know each other, but with only one day to enjoy her, he must make every moment count.

Here is the real meat of this story. BD and Beth have a quest they must fulfill, and every page draws the reader in with a tantalizing mystery as well as a heated love story.

Each of these stories is a piece of a puzzle to be read carefully and thoroughly. The couples are interconnected on multiple planes, and their individual stories are woven into an intricate and detailed pattern. If you look closely you will find a much broader read than what on the surface may look like just another erotic novel. I love how they all tie in and culminate in such a fascinating and passionate way.

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