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ISBN: (13)9780758228529/ (10)075822852X
September 2009
APHRODISIA BOOKS, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$12.95(US) $15.45(CAN)
304 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

One tragedy after another has hit Kendra Carter until she finally breaks. After a severe nervous breakdown, she is trying to get her life back to normal.

Gerald Carter has brought a rare and very old book into their house. Encased in a glass display case, it is considered to be a grimoire or book of the demon. With his interest in the different occults, Gerald knows this is a perfect addition to his already strange and eclectic library.

While staring at the book, Kendra is assailed with the feelings of being watched and touched. During the day, she knows the hallucinations must stop. The demon known as Remi comes out to play at night using his sensual touch and decadent voice to mesmerize her until Kendra is ready to consider herself as crazy as everyone thinks she is. Will Kendra find herself back in the hospital as the visions of hell and seduction become more rampant; or will she discover that someone else is out to control her in a very dangerous and evil way?

Ms. Quinn’s Possession is a very interesting and sometimes strange read. At times, the scorching sex scenes blew me away and other times I was scratching my head trying to understand what in the world was going on. During Kendra’s lucid times, I was hoping she would figure out what was going on to no avail. While she was having visions of the demon Remi, I could not figure out whether he was a good guy or a bad guy, which could have been the author’s plan. This book is a mixture of mystery, suspense, thrills and chills, romance, erotic moments, and an ending that may just leave the reader hanging and begging for more.

Caution: This tale contains scenes of anal play/anal sex and is a red-hot romance!

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