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  Daly Way Series
  Book 1 - Belonging to Them
  Book 2 - Plays Well With Others

Book 2 in the Daly Way Series
ISBN: 9781607351818
August 2010
Resplendence Publishing, LLC
69 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Paisley Szuzman is tired of living in the city and has set her sights on Wyoming and the job of assistant to a rancher. When she first meets Ace Graham, she feels an instant attraction that seems to be quite inappropriate.

Ace can see that Paisley feels she is out of her element. Wanting to make her feel more at ease he decides to introduce her to his partner.

When Brant Cauldwell sees his ranching partner and lover walk into the barn his only thought is getting a taste of the sexy man. Realizing that they are not alone, he back pedals and hopes it has not ruined their chance for a qualified assistant.

Seeing Brant and Ace kiss in front of her makes Paisley tingle and ache with a hunger she has not known before. When she is hired on the spot to work for them, she is thrilled. But a big misunderstanding will have her running fast from the house. Can Ace and Brant get her to understand the complicated life they live, and more importantly, will she become a part of it?

My oh my…this is one hot read! Plays Well with Others is a fantasy put into words in such a way the reader can feel the intensity and lust permeating the air. Ms. Paulin gives us sexy ranchers who are alpha males, but also know how to show a woman the softer side of their gender. I love how sassy Paisley is, going toe to toe with Ace and showing him that just because he is the boss of the ranch does not mean he is the boss of her at all times. A sexy read that you will enjoy reading time and again.

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