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The McKenzie Brothers
Book 1- The Pursuit
Book 2 - Playing with Fire

The McKenzie Brothers, Book 2
ISBN: 978-1-60168-380-9
November 26, 2010
Aspen Mountain Press
264 Pages
Aurora Regency Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Never has her life been so out of control or hit rock bottom like it has at this moment, and Heather Morgan can thank her worthless father for every agonizing moment. She is to stand on an auction block like a common whore to pay her father’s debts, and lose any chance of ever having a husband or a family of her own.

The months at sea and here in London have done wonders for Captain Andrew McKenzie’s state of mind, but his heart will never forget the pain of betrayal. He is all set to enjoy his freedom once again, but an evening out with a friend changes everything.

Standing petrified in front of a hoard of lecherous men is a position Heather never imagined herself to be in, but it will turn out to be a night she can never regret. The most amazingly handsome man she could dream up purchases her services, and from that moment forward Heather’s life changes dramatically. Drew cannot believe it himself when he walks away with Heather, but he cannot say he is sorry, at least not yet. They leave London to build a life together in America, but neither Heather nor Drew is quite prepared for what the future entails.

A Regency novel is made all the more interesting when you have two characters with as much spunk and fire as Drew and Heather. Drew is a man all women will easily fall in love with, due to his passion, zest for life, and wicked sense of humor. Heather of course is a bit more subdued, and at times a little insecure, but she rarely lets Drew get away with a temper fit. They fill this read with sweetness and spice and everything naughty and nice.

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