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Seduced by a Demon Series

Book 1: The Last Soul
Book 2: Hunted
Book 3: Playing for Keeps

Seduced by a Demon, Book 3
ISBN# 9781-927368-04-6
October 31, 2011
Evernight Publishing
$ 3.99
120 pages
Paranormal Erotic
Rating: 4 Cups

Teresa is running as if from the very demons of hell… Actually, she is running from the demons from hell, having irked her boss by keeping in touch with a human. Dropping into the bathroom of a dive bar, the last thing she wants is to draw the attention of the world she escaped from. Thinking that waitressing for the sexy as sin owner of the bar will be the perfect cover, she decides to hang around for as long as she can. But will she be tempted to do far more than tend his bar?

Damien Walker chose a quiet life after burying his own chaotic past. The last thing he wants is a steamy hot demon on the run hiding out in the middle of his peaceful sojourn. But Teresa is pushing buttons that Damien had thought he long since deactivated. Can he resist the pull of her flesh, even when he knows what she is from almost the moment he sees her?

Teresa finds it hard to blend into the human world, even throwing men at least twice her size like they were nothing more than paperweights in a bar fight. But the sexual attraction between the two main characters is off the charts, leading both to risk things they wouldn’t otherwise. Will they find something that they didn’t realize they were searching for in each other’s arms? Or will all hell break loose?

This story was so hot. I was surprised the pages didn’t singe my fingertips. Teresa may have been a kick-ass demon but she was also a tender woman who just wanted love and to take care of someone, which made her really easy to identify with. By the time I hit the end of this story, I was cheering for this couple and hoping that they indeed found their happily ever after. All in all, a fun read with some very sensuous sex to keep it spicy.

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