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The Clockworks and Corsets Series
Book 1: Clockworks and Corsets
Book 2: Pistons and Pistols

The Clockworks and Corsets Series, Book 2
ISBN: 9781616502379
February 2011
Lyrical Press, Inc
104 Pages
Erotica/ Steampunk
Rating: 3 Cups

Atom Loquacious is no ordinary man. He is flesh and blood but he is also made up of clockwork which makes him a fantastic scientific anomaly.

Gabriella Upstairs loves Atom with all of her being. But she is afraid the man who holds her heart is in love with someone else.

Rose Madigan is Captain of the airship, Merry Widow. She knows she must keep one step ahead of the Madame who is determined to capture not only her, but all the people on her ship.

Rose knows there is danger around every corner but it becomes even more apparent as tension rises in the ship, leaving everyone waiting for it to snap. To top it off, a huge misunderstanding has Gabriella and Atom at odds as both struggle to understand what happened to tear them apart. Somehow Rose must figure out how to fix their relationship, stay out of the Madame’s clutches, and find the man Atom is looking for. What else could possibly go wrong?

Pistons and Pistols is a good read. I did not always understand all that was going on but there is enough intrigue and danger involved in the storyline that it held my attention through the rough edges. Ms. Riley gives us a blend of the science and historical aspects to make this a competent Steampunk novel. The characters have a previous story that may help the reader understand this book more. There is the added knowledge that the intertwining characters within the book let me know that the story will continue and I hope it will include stronger characters and storylines.

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